NICU Christmas Party 2011

We did not like seeing Santa this year…

Adeline & Maralee, Christmas 2011 (19 months)

But, we loved seeing some of our favorite NICU nurses!

Me, Adeline, Mrs. Casey, Raleigh, Maralee, & Ms. Kirby

It was so great to see everyone – Kirby, Casey, Stacey, Yvonne, Dawn…just to name a few!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for ALL that you have done for our family!  We are TRULY thankful :)

The Prices, Christmas 2011

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

PS: The video from Monday’s post was acting funny but it is working now.  We think we got a “hey sis!”

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  1. That first pic should totally be your Christmas card this year! HA!

  2. Thanks y’all!

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