a call to celebrate {free printable to record your Year of Jubilee!}

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Who is ready to party?

Today marks the first day of the year of Jubilee. Jubilee is defined as a special anniversary of an event, especially one celebrating fifty years. In Jewish history, a Jubilee is a year of restoration. Leviticus 25:8-11 shares that in ancient history, a Jubilee year is when people are supposed to return to their homeland and experience freedom. Once they have returned home, they are not supposed to sow or reap from the land for a whole year. This is meant to be a time of liberty where slaves are set free and blessing is granted on the people. Scripture tells us that to experience freedom in Christ, we have to repent.  It is also a time of judgment for those that choose not to repent of their sins.

So how can we apply this symbolic year to our own lives?

Watch this video to learn how:

Since our chances of experiencing a jubilee year is once or twice in our lifetimes, I think we should make an effort to record what is happening to us and how we are choosing jubilant living over living a life captivated by sin. When we start to actively journal the areas of our lives that we are in chains, we will begin to recognize patterns that might need to be broken. Recognizing these patterns will help us break free and live jubilant lives.   How this looks in your own life is going to look different than mine but I’ve put together a simple printable that you can put in your planner or a binder to help you record your very own Year of Jubilee!

The Year of Jubilee Printable

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This year can change your life and God can use you to change the lives of those around you. At the If:Local Leader training last weekend, Rebekah Lyons shared that experiencing a Jubilee is experiencing the freedom of God’s love. I think this world is desperate for God’s love and most people don’t even know it. And I think those of us that do know God might need to spend some time flat on the floor, repenting of our sins and praying for our purpose so we can co-labor with him in a more intimate way.

I believe in celebrating the small victories, the happy moments, and the people who bring us joy. I see this year as a great big celebration, full of parties where we celebrate God’s perfect plan for our lives. When this year is over, my prayer is for us to better know and love God and share his love with others through simple forms of celebration.

If you are wondering how to get started, here are some examples that I hope will inspire you:
  • Connection: The most important relationship in our lives is with God. Psalm 37:4 encourages us to delight ourselves in him and he will give us the desires of our heart. To not be disappointed with your life circumstances, you must learn to discern the difference between your own desires and God-given desires.
  • Acceptance: To accept that God has plans for our futures (Jeremiah 29:11) we must begin to change our thoughts and believe that God is in control of the events that happen in our lives, not us. Let this printable help you better understand God’s will and why we experience both pain and joy.
  • Hope: Romans 5:1-5 teaches that hope comes last and does not disappoint. Before you experience hope found in Christ, you will have to persevere through suffering which develops your character.
  • Trust: Learn to trust God’s plans by praying to follow his will for your path and believe that God brings love and mercy, not pain (Proverbs 3:5-6, Lamentations 3).
  • Patience: God provides benches in life for us to sit while waiting for our next steps. He tells us in Psalm 37:7-8 to wait patiently for him and to not worry or be angry. 

As we journey through the Year of Jubilee, we will have an on-going conversation on ways to experience freedom and what we are letting go of. Each month, I’ll share a different topic to get us started in conversation. I invite you to follow along with the hashtag #celebratejubilee. Show us how you are celebrating this year and using your printable to document your Year of Jubilee.

For October, our topic will be about showing hospitality and celebrating the harvest. Scripture shares that the harvest season is a time of joy and farmers see the benefit of all the their labor. There are many feasts that happen during harvest season in scripture and people came together and to throw some pretty big parties. Since October is #31Days month, you will find me daily on Instagram sharing about Jubilee in the Harvest and Hospitality. I’ll have some weekly blog posts here too so be on the lookout for those starting next week!

Friends, our time on this earth is short. Don’t waste this life living in bondage. Release your worries so you can live a life of jubilee. Download your free printable and let’s celebrate the Year of Jubilee!


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Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen



tea party? {find me at the m.o.m. initiative today}


On the mornings that we run late to school, all manners are gone. 

This morning, my girls had a tea party at school. I knew that this tea party was a big deal. It’s a time for them to show off their manners, get dressed up in frilly dresses, over the top hats, and shiny jewelry and shoes. But, my husband was out of town for work so it was up to me to get the girls ready for the big school party. So the night before the tea party, we picked out their outfits and all their accessories. But today we woke up late and had to rush getting ready.

We don’t rush well.

To read more, head on over to The M.O.M. Initiative.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

22 real food cookbooks with delicious recipes that will inspire you to eat healthy

Food and I, we are in a relationship together.

The longer we are with each other, I think I know food but I’m always learning something new about it. Some food is healthy and good for me. Other foods are sinfully bad but I try them anyway. Food is so complex and I’m always amazed that when I pair together combinations like steak and zucchini how unexpectedly wonderful those flavors are together. Food is part of my life, something that I can’t live without.

I’m trying to understand how to both savor and simplify my food.

I don’t want to hate myself after I eat a chocolate molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream but I also don’t want to be the girl that can never say no to food. I want to enjoy eating food, not indulge myself again and again and again.

2015-06-19 14.20.53

Over the summer, I ate some of the most amazing food including lobster quesadillas, duck tongues (don’t think…just eat!), beignets, faux ya ya (a fancy term for shrimp and grits!), and lemon blueberry layered cake. It was so fun to have an adventurous pallet as I savored the deliciousness of all that yummy food but toward the end of the summer my body began to yearn for the clean-eating diet that I had been on since Ridley was born. I needed to get back on the healthy-eating wagon but I didn’t have much motivation to begin again.

Because I had eaten my fair share of hard-boiled eggs, salads, almonds, and fish, real food had gotten boring. Why would I say yes to grilled chicken and veggies when I could have fried pork chops, sweet potato pie, and rice with gravy? But, all the pounds that I was so proud to lose slowly began to inch back across my waistline. My work-out routine had become irregular and my body began to hurt. I needed some motivation to start living a healthy lifestyle again and some new recipes to kick-start my clean-eating routine.

I received an e-mail from the Ultimate Bundles team about a new bundle they were featuring for Healthy Living. I began to scan the bundle and quickly realized that this was exactly what I needed to not only enjoy my food but also eat food that was good for me too. I’ve loved trying out some of the different recipes from Laura at Heavenly Homemakers, Sharla at The Chaos and the Clutter and Kelly from New Leaf Wellness. Hannah from Kombucha Kamp even had some great DIY Cocktails perfect for weekends or special celebrations with friends!

22 real food cookbooks

Here are some of my favorite real food recipes:

Cindy’s Chicken from Chicken Dump Recipes

Cindy's Chicken

I am all about some crock pot chicken and am always looking for some new recipes to serve on gymnastics night at our house. Cindy’s Chicken uses Catalina dressing and apricot jam as its’ base, which results in this tangy orange color. It was really good and so simple to make! What I really liked best about the Chicken Dump Recipes is she gives you three different plans to choose from and then tells you exactly what ingredients you need for all of them so you can make five meals at the same time and freeze them until needed. I chose Plan 2 which featured Teriyaki Chicken, Lemon Mustard Chicken, French Canadian Chicken, Pepper Lime Chicken, and Cindy’s Chicken. It took me less than thirty minutes to prepare all of these meals and many used some similar ingredients so this plan saved me both time and money!

Apricot Oatmeal Bars

apricot oat bars - pinterest

apricot oatmeal bars

I am a huge fan of oatmeal bars so when I ran across a recipe for Raspberry Oatmeal Bars in 227 Healthy Snacks, I thought I’d try them out. I substituted the raspberry for apricot jam since I already had half a jar leftover from Cindy’s Chicken. These bars worked great for breakfast and for mid-morning snacks. So yummy and so very simple to make.


We all have our unique relationship with food. While it is the source of both comfort and anxiety, it is something that we have to have so why not embrace its’ good qualities? We use it to bring people together to laugh and sit and talk and celebrate. It can nourish the soul and can be given to nourish others. A certain recipe can remind us of a special time in our lives. While some foods might not be good for us, food is inherently good for us.

That’s why I’m loving the real food section of the Healthy Living Bundle.

With twenty-two cookbooks full of healthy and easy recipes for me to try, I’m being inspired daily to eat food that is not only good but good for me. Sure, I’m still going to splurge on sugar and carbs but at least I’ve got some new recipes to turn to when I need to get myself back on track.

So yeah, food and I are in a relationship. I’m not jealous that it is in a relationship with you too. Because food is something we all have to have, let us not compare our plates or our weights but instead let’s both try to eat foods that will fill us up and help us fill others up too. Eating well will make us feel well which in turn will result in us living well.

Don’t we all want to live well?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

every mom needs a girls weekend + $15 Publix giveaway!


Recently, I was at the beach with some friends and I don’t think we stopped talking the entire trip! It was so lovely to have an ongoing conversation without chasing children for twenty-four hours. We are all moms so even though our children were away, we found ourselves discussing so many mom details including our post-baby bodies, school routines, eating fresh, food allergies, coupons, and our homes. It made me feel so good knowing that I wasn’t alone on this daily ride of trying to take care of not only myself but also my family.

Being a mom, we juggle So. Many. Things.

I know because I’m in the thick of it, juggling my career with my family and all the other things in between. I’m learning to not be so hard on myself and also to use resources that help me be the mom I want to be. I want to be a healthy mom and I want to raise healthy kids. I want to cook good food for my family and create an environment in my home that is fun. Because we live in the country and have chickens and a garden and so many other amazing fruit-bearing plants, we want our kids to grow up loving farm life. I don’t think it is unrealistic to want these things for my family but I do think I need to be smart and not get overwhelmed with too many things. 

One easy resource that I’ve recently purchased to help me is The Healthy Living Bundle. Y’all, it is full of amazing recipes and resources on allergy-free cooking, essential oils, fitness and weight loss, healthy kids, homesteading, natural home, natural remedies, paleo, and real food recipes.

I am excited about several of these healthy living resources, especially the ones about having healthy kids, homesteading, and natural remedies.

Here are my five favorite e-courses included in the library:
  • Morning Sickness Remedies from Lindsey at Mother Rising
  • 27 Body Transformation Habits You Can’t Ignore from Tyler at Garage Warrior
  • Urban Farming for Kids
  • Three Weeks to Vitality: The Ultimate Cleanse from Mary Vance, NC
  • Real Food for Rookies from Kelly at Kelly the Kitchen Kop

I use The Healthy Living Bundle to help me prepare my grocery list. I’ve mentioned this before but I love shopping at Publix. Really, it just makes me happy. It’s the best grocery store for me to take my kids to because they give out free cookies, balloons, and have a double buggy that is almost always available when we go.


In an effort to eat healthy, I like picking out snacks the whole family can enjoy like Tostido’s scoop chips and Publix’s home-made salsa. On nights that I’m exhausted from a long day at work, we eat chips and salsa as a side to ground turkey tacos wrapped in whole wheat soft taco shells. I let the girls eat queso dip with it and Ridley loves to dip his chips into his salsa! It’s an easy, no fuss, feel good meal for the whole family to enjoy.

If I’m being honest, one of the hardest things for me right now as a mom is not feeling guilty that I’m working full-time. While I know I’m where I’m supposed to be, I still have some hard days where I really miss my kids. But, on my weekend away with my friends, I was reminded that stay-at-home moms feel this way too. We all feel guilty about something that we did or did not do right. But we can’t let the guilt consume us. We need to do our best with the time that we have with our kids. Sure, we are going to mess up but we need to give ourselves grace.

Since today is the first day The Healthy Living Bundle is available to purchase, I am hosting a giveaway for a $15 Publix giftcard! Woo-hoo! To enter the giveaway, follow these simple steps:
  1. Check out The Healthy Living Bundle website. See for yourself all the great resources it has to offer!
  2. Leave a comment and share which of these snacks you like to buy for your family:

• Yoplait® Greek 100, Greek 100 Whips or Yoplait® Plenti, Yoplait® 4 or 6 oz cups (Light, Original, Whips, etc.)
• Frito-Lay® 20-count mutlipacks
• Naked® Juice 15.2 oz
• Quaker Chewy® Granola Bars or Dipps Value Pack
• General Mills Fruit Snacks Value Pack
• Popsicle®
• Fiber One® Cookies
• Chex® Snack Mix
• Tostito’s 9 – 14 oz bagged snacks (except Baked, Simply & Artisan blend)
• Lipton® Iced Tea 1 gallon jug
• Totino’s Pizza Rolls 90 ct.
• Magnum® Core 3 ct

That’s it! Super easy! I’ll pick the winner on Monday at midnight, which is the last day you can purchase the bundle. 

Being a mom is the most exhausting and exhilarating adventure I’ve ever been on. I’m so thankful to have good friends to share this journey with and simple resources to help me be an intentional instead of overwhelmed mama. The time that we have with our kids goes by too fast so let us enjoy them and be the mom God has made us to be for our kids. 

To learn more about The Healthy Living Bundle, follow this link!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

FYI: I know sometimes posts with a lot of links and banners that say “sponsored” can get confusing. I just want you to know that when a post is sponsored, you don’t have to buy anything but I do get a small paycheck for any links that you click on. I set this money into my “blogging” account and use it to help fund blogging needs like website maintenance and trainings. These posts help me not use our family budget so much for blogging so any clicks that you can click are so appreciated! Also, I would never write a post about a product I didn’t believe in (trust me, I’ve gotten some unusual offers in the past!). Thanks so much for reading, friend!









10 products you must-have {chris10’s monthly must-have’s: august}


Happy Friday friends!

I’m super excited to be bringing back Chris10’s Monthly Must-Have’s. If you are new, this is a list of my top ten favorite things for each month. It’s such a fun way to share new recipes, fashion, and products. But instead of listing out everything, I’m trying out Periscope, where I share my must-have’s online through a conversation. We did this last night and I really loved chatting with those of you who joined in the scope! If you are hesitant to be on Periscope, I totally get it but I’m telling you, it is SO.MUCH.FUN. Even if you don’t want to do videos, it is really fun watching the videos that are online. I think I really love it because it is real-time interaction with friends and followers. It gives blogging that personal connection, which is my favorite reason for blogging in the first place. So, I think I’m going to keep trying out Periscope and I’ll let you know next time I’m on. If you’d like to follow me, I’m @chris10price.

Also, I wanted to throw out another idea and if you are a blogger, I’d love your feedback. Would you participate in a monthly link-up and share your favorite things too?

I can totally set that up next month. I think what I would do is have a Periscope Party where we all share our must-have’s via Periscope the Thursday night before the last Friday of the month and then open up the link-up at midnight CST on Thursday. Thoughts? Suggestions? Tomatoes?! I love link parties and committing just once a month is easier than every week for me!

Okey-dokey, here’s the video for Chris10’s August Monthly Must-Have’s:


As I mentioned on the video, my must-have’s are:



1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

2. Lauren Daigle How Can It Be Album

3. Cross Training Couture Tank

4. Wild in the Hollow by Amber Haines

5. Animal Print Cardigan from The Limited

6. Plum Planner – If you are looking for a new planner, use the coupon code Price10 at checkout!!!!

7. Kate Spade Flamingo Bathing Suit (on sale at Dillard’s!)

8. Short Hair

9. Apricot Oat Bars (recipe is coming in two weeks when I share about the Healthy Living Bundle…it’s an amazing bundle of real food recipes, gluten free, paleo, healthy kid-friendly recipes – you’ve gotta try it!)

10. Zone Perfect Perfectly Simple Oatmeal and Chocolate Chunk granola bars (here’s the link to a coupon to try them!)

Happy weekend friends!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen


for the mom who is the keeper of the schedule {#feelgooder with ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple Granola Bars}

This month, Covenant has had an amazing sermon series called Insomniac: What keeps you up at night? Each week, Hays has shared common things that we struggle with – our purpose, what makes us angry and this past week the theme was family. When sharing about family, he said that the normal for our culture is to live in a state of being overscheduled, overwhelmed, and over-worked. I couldn’t agree with him more.

Life as a working mom is so very full. One problem that I continually face is not having enough time to do all the things that I want to do. Between work, family time, and extracurriculars, we always seem to be busy. I like being busy and social and well-rounded but lately I’ve realized that I might have too much going on in my life right now. The question on where to cut is what keeps me up at night.

When I feel anxious about our schedule, the best thing I know to do is to give myself grace and spend time praying to God. I’m getting better at telling myself that it’s okay if I don’t get everything done. My to-do list will always be there and what is helping me most tackle my list is to trim it down. When I give myself a whole week’s worth of tasks to do just on the weekend, it’s so easy to feel defeated. But, if I only give myself a few tasks a day, I feel less overwhelmed and more at peace.

Having a flexible routine really helps during the week. I try to meal plan but if something comes up in our schedule that makes those plans change, I’m trying to go with it and not get upset. Some people ask me how I have time to blog on top of working and being a mom and I tell them it’s because I schedule time to do this during the week. But, that time is usually very early, at lunch, or in the evening so again, I have to give myself permission to not accomplish all of my blogging tasks.

I’ve mentioned exercise before on the blog, but I have to exercise at least two days a week (preferably three) to relieve stress. I never leave the gym feeling bad for going, I always leave feeling better. Since I workout in the afternoon, I try to pack healthy snacks to eat in the mid-afternoon. Sometimes I pack apple slices and peanut butter but on the days that I’m in a hurry I like to pack granola bars.


Over the years, I’ve tried a variety of granola bars but as I’ve begun to be more consicious of what I eat, I’ve realized that many granola bars have a high dosage of sugar in them which defeats the whole purpose of being a healthy snack. Recently, I’ve landed on ZonePerfect’s Perfectly Simple granola bars and they are so good!


These are the flavors that they come in:

• Almond Toffee Crunch
• Bing Cherry & Almond
• Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk
• Roasted Cashew & Dark Chocolate

My favorite is the oatmeal chocolate chunk granola bar. It has just the right amount of sweetness from the chocolate and the oatmeal fills me up. I also love that they are high in protein, gluten free and less than 200 calories. You can find them at Target and Publix.


Here’s a coupon if you want to try them out for yourself!


To love the crazy life that we live, I’m praying for God to show me where and how to keep trimming down our busy schedule. I don’t think being busy is a bad thing but I don’t want to live in a constant state of feeling overworked and not enjoying this life that I’ve been given. I deeply desire to find calm through the chaos and to celebrate the people, places, and plan he has for my life. My family comes first and living a healthy lifestyle helps me to love them the best that I can.

What makes you feel over-scheduled, overwhelmed, and over-worked?

15 best planners for moms, students, and professionals {+ a giveaway!}

15 Best Planners for Moms, Students, & Professionals

With a new school year about to begin, many of us are searching for the perfect planner to help us stay organized. We all have our own unique ways of tackling our to-do lists but many of us still enjoy the good ole’ fashioned paper planner to jot down notes and keep us feeling just a tad bit in control of our days. Over the years, I’ve tried different planners but I still haven’t landed on one that does everything I need it to do. Here are my planner must-have’s:

  • Cute yet durable
  • Notebook size
  • Big spaces for the month so I can write in the blocks easily
  • Blocks for each day instead of hours
  • Heavy-duty paper so my Sharpie pens don’t bleed through (I use pencil for my calendar but sometimes use pens for my to-do lists)
  • Tabs for me to get to each section easily
  • As an extra, I like words of encouragement or quotes sprinkled through the planner and extra pages for notes

A few weeks ago, I asked friends on Facebook if they had any recommendations for a great planner that starts in August and is cute. Over thirty people responded, some agreeing on the same planner and others with planners I’d never heard of before. I began doing some research on each planner and today I’m sharing my results with you. If you are in the market for a new planner, this post is for you!

Before we begin with the review, I’m delighted to share that I’m giving away a free planner {woo-hoo!} on Instagram.

purposeful planner

Our friends over at The Purposeful Planner sent me a planner to review and I think it will be just what one of you will need as you begin a new school calendar year. Follow @chris10price to enter in the giveaway!

plum paper

Also, our friends at Plum Paper are offering 10% off their planners just for you! Use coupon code PRICE10 at checkout – hurry, it only lasts for a month!

The Most Recommended Planners:

1. Erin Condren

Erin condren

The Erin Condren planner was by far the most recommended planner from my friends. I can see why so many people love it! She has tons of options for you to choose from and has wonderful accessories to go with each style. Her LifePlanner is a favorite and teachers also love her Teacher Lesson Planners. I personally love the Prism Planner in Turquoise because it is stylish and can be monogrammed (however the Taffy Stripes comes in a close second!).

Planner Options:

– The LifePlanner has three options for cover design – ready to ship, personalized, or create your own

– Choose to have full 2016 calendar with remaining months of 2015 (perfect for a school year) or just a 2016 calendar

– Vertical or Horizontal Weekly Layout Options (I like the vertical because it is broken into time blocks)

– Price – $50 – $65

While Erin Condren was ranked the #1 planner according to my friends, one friend did mention that this planner has had the best major shipping issues. She said to look at the Erin Condren Issues and Concerns FB group before placing your order. As of this week, her store says that most planners will ship around August 13th.

2. Plum Paper

Plum paper

{Christen Price readers get a 10% discount to Plum Paper! Use coupon code PRICE10 at checkout – lasts for one month!}

Plum Paper planners came in a very close second! They are more customizable than Erin Condren and can begin in whatever month you choose for a 12-month calendar. Right away, I loved the look of Plum Paper’s site and the fact that they have add on tags that include My Home, Blog, Baby, & Direct Sales. They also have stickers! I really liked this mint and coral cover design. :)

Planner Details:

– Cover Designs are customizable

– Begin in whatever month you choose

– Choose how your weekly pages are laid out

– Price – $30-$40 (if you want to purchase add on pages they are around $2)

3. MomAgenda


MomAgenda planners were recommended by three of my friends. Their planners have simple and clean color designs and look like they would fit easily into a mom purse. They also come in a mini version! While this agenda looks like it would offer almost everything that I need, I was not as impressed with this site while researching because I didn’t feel as though the planners were very customizable. But, they do have spaces for you to plan for up to four kids, which is extremely nice.

Planner Details:

– Comes in Spiral or Bound and has mini options

– August 2015 – December 2016

– Extra Pages for Vacation and Party Planning

– Price – $19-$75 (depending on size, the average size planner is around $40)

4. Lilly Pulitzer


Lilly Pulitzer Agendas just make you feel happy with their cheerful Lilly designs splashed on every cover. Her Pink Lemonade Large Agenda caught my eye immediately! The Lilly Agenda is unique because it focuses on life being an adventure and it gives you pages to plan out your vacations. While this planner is fun, I don’t know if it would be the most practical planner for me.

Planner Details:

– Spiral Bound and comes in Small, Medium, Large, and Jumbo sizes

– Cover is not customizable but is super fun and comes with an elastic band to keep pages in place

– Offers Weekly Pages

– Price – $17-$34

5. The Simplified Planner

Emily Ley SP

The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley is just what it says it is: simple. But don’t let simple fool you…her planners are drop dead gorgeous. They are for the modern mom, businesswoman, and student with both its’ functionality and elegance. I am especially drawn to her Academic Daily Calendar in Mint (which is sold out, of course!). But, her 2016 planners are available on September 9th so mark your calendars to snag one before they are gone!

Planner Details:

– Spiral Bound in Gold and comes in 7.75 X 9 inches

– Comes in three styles – Gold Pineapple, Happy Stripe, and Mint Dot (not customizable)

– Offers Monthly and Weekly Pages (weekly pages are scheduled from 6 am – 9 pm)

– Price – $58 (comes in a keepsake box!)

While The Simplified Planner was recommended by friends and the favorite planner when reviewed by my friend Kayse, another friend mentioned that while The Simplified Planner was very pretty it was not functional. She said that the pages were too thin and didn’t hold up to colored pens or highlighters.

Other Great Planners You Can Purchase Online:

6. Day Designer

Day designer

Day Designer Planners claim that they will help you find lost hours, spend more time with family and friends, and lessen the chaos of daily living. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Her Black Spotty planner is whimsy yet elegant and I like how she has pages labeled “Today, To-Do, Dinner, & Gratitude.” One friend mentioned that these planners were cute but big if you need to carry it.

Planner Details:

– Spiral Bound in Gold and comes in 9 x 9.75 inches

– Comes in three styles – Black Stripe, Black Spotty, and Printed Gold Stripe (not customizable)

– Offers Monthly and Daily Pages (daily pages schedule begins at 5 am)

– Price – $59

7. The Purposeful Planner


{giving one away on Instagram – follow @chris10price to enter!}

The Purposeful Planner is new to market but stands up to the competition. With its gold spiral and trendy patterns, The Purposeful Planner not only looks good but it was created with well, purpose. It comes with pages for you to budget, menu plan, create a master task list, and set goals. Corie Clark, the designer of The Purposeful Planner says, “You can do anything in fifteen minutes!” Having personally used this planner, it is sturdy and not too heavy and gives you room to dream and plan.

Planner Details:

– Spiral Bound in Gold and comes in 9 x 10 inches

– Comes in two styles – CoCo Stripe and Holly Floral

– Offers Monthly and Daily Pages (with quotes and places to record your water intake, prayer/praise and brain dump)

– Price – $42 – $48

8. May Designs

May Designs

May Designs offers lots of different prints and options for monograms. If you are in the market for a pretty yet simple planner, this one is for you. You can choose months + weeks agendas or the planner can be just for your wedding, baby, or an adult coloring book.

Planner Details:

– 5 x 8 in size

– Soft Canvas Color and individually stitched for eco-friendly design

– Price – $16 – $23

9. More Time Moms

OFC 44398-2

More Time Moms big fridge calender was recommended by a friend and it claims to be a great family and home calendar. While I like the big spaces on each page, I just don’t think I could look at the cartoon illustrations every day of the year! I’m sure this calendar is great and functional but it’s not for me.

Planner Details:

– Spiral Bound, 15 x 11

– Tons of stickers for appointments and chores, plus comes with coloring pages for kids

– Big Monthly & Daily Sections

– Price – $15.99

Planners you can find in local stores:

10. Blue Sky

Blue Sky - Target

Blue Sky at Target – $9.99 (trendy and eco-friendly)

11. Arc

arc staples

Arc at Staples – $20.99  (sturdy)

12. Day Runner

day runner office depot 400460_p_4010214_inuse_eggplant

Day Runner at Office Depot – $39.99 (leather, zips up, durable)

13. Sn@p!


Sn@p! Planners at Michael’s – $14.99  (two different styles that can be customizable)

Free planners:

14. The Confident Mom


The Confident Mom Planner – free to download online. Print it and put it in a binder or have it bound at Office Max.

15. The Handmade Home


The Handmade Home Planner – when I worked at the church, all the girls downloaded this free calendar and we all loved it! I like how I can print out as many pages as I need and organize them exactly as it makes sense to me. I’m especially fond of the Notes Pages and the Ideas & Inspiration (I tend to have more words scribbled on these pages than anywhere else!) However, my notebook feels a bit like a college student and I wouldn’t mind a more modern look and feel. But hey, it’s free!

So, there you have it: fifteen planners that are perfect for moms, students, and professionals. I hope you can find a planner that is perfect for your schedule so you can spend your time well.

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Happy planning, friends!

Till next time, let your light shine!

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first day of kindergarten!

first day of kindergarten!

Today, Adeline and Maralee begin kindergarten. I’m trying not to cry but Kleenex tissue lay wadded up in my lap. I’m realizing more than ever these days that time is precious and children are such a gift. Ridley started the tot class last week and I’m happy to report he is doing great!


Ridley, 18 months old

I am so thankful to have such sweet people take care of my children while I work.


I was reminded of this post I wrote when the girls began 3P and thought I’d share it with y’all today. May the Lord bless and keep our children as they begin a new school year!


“Mommy, I scared,” she quietly says to me.

It was my Maralee, the youngest of our twins, who looked at me with uncertainty in her big blue eyes. I pulled her close, kissed her head, and turned her to look at me.“Baby girl, it’s okay to be scared. That’s why we are going to meet your teacher today before school begins. It will help your new school not feel so big and scary.”

I tickle her after I say this and a big grin comes on her face. I let her pick out what outfit she wanted to wear. She chose her blue dress smocked with cows and pigs. “Perfect choice,” I affirm her as we slip it on top of her big girl panties. “Mommy, I want to wear my blue shoes, too!” she exclaims. She is warming up to the idea of school.


Downstairs, her sister chooses a purple romper to match her purple flower flip-flops that she has lived in this summer. Purple, always purple for Adeline. I’ve learned not to fight her on this and she has flourished in purple panties, pajamas, toothbrushes, and hair clips over the summer. Can’t blame the girl for knowing what she likes.

We pick up Ganny and head to school. I think we are late but we are actually early, which is something I’m determined to work on as a mother of preschoolers. They can’t miss a second!

We pass a hallway decorated with footballs and team spirit and find Mrs. Hollis’ door at the end of the hall. She greets the girls on their level and shows them where the toys are in the classroom. We chat and discover she babysat my brother and I one summer when I was four. That’s what I love about moving back to our hometown.

Adeline soon found the tu-tu’s and she was hooked after that. Maralee recognizes some friends from her old class and soon she is off playing trains with the boys. They’re going to be just fine, I thought to myself. 

Later that night, my husband and I went to orientation. We sat next to one of his oldest friends. It was all surreal that we were doing this. We ran into more old friends and new ones from church and town. It gave us the “This is right” feeling. Our girls were growing up, and even though many of their friends are new, they aren’t really.

The first day of school came two days later. Raleigh helped get the girls dressed and they let him put bows in their hair (such daddy’s girls). Maralee was excited, posing for multiple pictures. 



But, this time it was Adeline that was sad. Her tummy hurt, reminding us of all the doctor’s appointments we’ve had over the summer. A trip to the ENT and several to the asthma and allergy specialist still hasn’t stopped the girls from coughing and has resulted in medicine that causes their tummy to hurt. We remind her to tell her teacher if she has to go potty. She finally smiles when mommy makes a silly face. 


Daddy helps Adeline walk in and I hold Maralee’s small hand. “Big girls walk to school,” I tell them in the car. They nod their “Okay, Mom” nods.


They are ready, I remind myself. We get to Mrs. Hollis’ door and try for a picture. The transition from parents to teacher was a little too fast and this was the best we got:


Mrs. Hollis takes our crying girls into the room and Raleigh tells me to go. I follow him outside but keep looking back. I know they are okay but still….

“They’re okay,” he tells me matter-of-factly. “It’s just all the fuss we made with the camera.” I shake my head, telling him I understand. We part ways to separate cars. I wait a minute longer, looking back one more time. “They’re okay,” I tell myself as I start the engine.

First DAys Collage

Driving off, the radio is playing Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Cinderella.” Really, Joy FM? Of course, I listen and think of my little girls, how much they’ve grown and how much more they will continue to grow. I couldn’t help but remember how three years ago they were so tiny and fragile. Or, two years ago when they cried as I dropped them off to their first Mother’s Morning Out and I couldn’t decide if they were really old enough to be away from me just one day of the week. I thought about last year, how I made their first day of school outfits and they looked so growny with their first haircuts and how I had to drop them off on the same day I started work, all while Raleigh was in Montgomery. And, now, here we were with them starting K3. How they only have two more years after this and then 1st grade. Time, it truly does pass in the blink of an eye. 

Being a mom, I get scared of time, just like Maralee got scared about the first day of school. I’m scared I’m going to miss something, so I take a million pictures and stay up late to document our lives in this space. I’m scared of our girls always being sick, and us not knowing what the best solution is to make them feel better. I get scared about how the girls are treated as twins, that some kids might never really know the wonderful differences of Adeline and Maralee. I get scared thinking about them possibly not growing up in a neighborhood, and if they will love us or resent us for life in the country. I get scared about a million different things for my children. As their mom, on the first day of school, the only thing I know to do is pray. 

I pray that they will find real friends that will play at their house no matter where it is. I pray that they will always be best friends. I pray for the boys that they will date, the men that they might marry, the children that they could have one day. I pray for their teachers and I pray for people to love them individually and as a pair. I pray for their health and for us to keep them safe without living life in a shell. I pray for their gifts – both spiritually and naturally – and that we nurture them as they grow. I pray for these things, and so many others. 


The first day of school marks the first day of letting go of fears. It is a day to celebrate, to be proud, to remember how far you’ve come. It is a day to declare, “You can do this, go and be brave.” It’s a day to promise that you will be there when it is over, to remind your young one that you will always come. 

We went and got ice cream once I picked them up from school. In between eating marshmallows and gummy bears, Maralee told me she played on the playground. Adeline said she sang new songs as she ate her rainbow ice cream (just like Daddy).  Gone were their fears and tummy aches. 

Question: How was your child’s first day of school? 

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen




tips for parents of kindergartners

tips parents kindergartners

This week my twin girls start kindergarten. How did they get to be so big?

Somehow, in five years my bubbly babies have grown into little girls. While this mama is a little sad, I’m also so excited to parent them through this new stage of life. While we are getting them ready to go back-to-school, I’m trying to be proactive with what to expect this year in both their development and school. I’ve asked a friend who does “Mommy School” with her five year old and our Preschool Minister at church for some tips on parenting kindergartners, and today I’d like to share these tips with all of you!

To read more, head on over to The M.O.M. Initiative today!

are you enjoying your life?

pink tulip  in pot on wooden background

pink tulip in pot on wooden background

Have you ever wanted your life to look differently than it currently does?

I’m a lot like my friend Kayse, always wanting to get to the next season of life. I live in a state of wanting more and the most out of my life. I dream of making things happen in ministry and I wonder if our family is complete and I really, really want to finish decorating our house. While all of these wants are not necessarily bad things, they tend to cause me to be discontent. And when I get discontent, I forget about all the good that is going on in my life right now and I don’t enjoy my life the way I always hoped I would.

Do you ever feel this way too?

If so, I’d like to recommend you taking Kayse’s Enjoy Your Life e-course. In just ten days, you will walk through simple exercises that will help you simplify and enjoy your life.

I got a chance to go through the course this past month and it really made me aware of how mixed-up some of my priorities are. On Day 5 Kayse says, “As women, we have this nasty habit of trying to take care of everyone and everything. Some things really are our responsibilities. We’ve got babies to raise and husbands to love and jobs to do.There’s a reason God gave us the ability to nurture!

But we also have this tendency to take on more than we should. We call it responsibility, but really it’s often a need for control, or a need to please people. We value our productivity over Christ’s presence, and we get our priorities all turned around.”

Y’all, that message hit me across my forehead and if I’m being totally honest, I’m still processing what I need to do to change. In the spirit of work, I realized that I’ve got too much on my plate for this season of life. Kayse has helped me prioritize the things that I have to do, like eat healthy, play with the kids, and read my Bible, and not getting so wound up over the things I think I should do like blogging a certain amount of days, decorating, volunteering, and cooking homemade. She also provides perspective in carving out time to do the things I love to do each day – reading, photography, family activities. My list of lists has helped me get back to what matters most to me: God, my family, and being okay with where I’m at in life right now.

Fake a little tree on the wood table

Scripture tells us that Jesus came to this earth to give us life to the full.

As I’m processing what this means, I’m realizing that living life to the full doesn’t mean I have to have a full plate of responsibility. I need to simplify, cut, and change. This e-course is helping me move in a healthier direction and I’m so very grateful for the wisdom that Kayse gently shared each day.

If you are in a season of feeling overwhelmed or discontent, commit ten days to change the way you are living your life. Applying just a few of these practical steps will radically help you refocus your priorities and get back to what matters most.

The Enjoy Your Life e-course is available right now for $17.99. The course package includes:
  • 10 days of brand new content, delivered right to your inbox each day.
  • An exclusive course pack of printable worksheets to help you get your thoughts and plans on paper.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can find others on the journey, share ideas, ask questions, and be encouraged.
  • A beautiful printable for you to frame as a daily inspiration.
Will you join me on this journey?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen